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Farm Labor Organizing Committee FLOC, AFL-CIO

Called upon to challenge the deplorable conditions of the broader workforce that remains voiceless, powerless, and invisible to mainstream America

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Support Justice for Tobacco Farmworkers!

Big tobacco companies are among the richest parties in American agriculture. They have constructed a supply system that benefits themselves, at the expense of those who produce their leaf products. FLOC has continuously called on Reynolds American to meet with the farmworkers their company relies on for its raw product and put an end to exploitation in NC tobacco fields.

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Big tobacco has an expansive supply chain that spans from the tobacco fields to their production facilities to local stores near you. Recently, FLOC supporters have called on regional chains, such as Kangaroo Express , 7-Eleven, and Wawa to be a part of the solution. Read more 


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>>Nearly 60 FLOC members gather for annual leadership training in Monterrey, Mexico

>> Hot off the press!Check out a year of accomplishments and victories in our 2013 Winter Justice Update!


>>"Respect, Recognition, Raise!" FLOC Members launch massive 2014 campaign to sign up 5,000 new members. Read more


>>Press Release: Members of British Parliament Pledge to Support Campaign to End Human Rights Abuses in US Tobacco


>>New Updates! President Velasquez travels to London, briefs British Parliament on Reynolds Campaign and urges action from British American Tobacco; Members pledge to support campaign.  Read more


>>FLOC members vote to launch massive sign up campaign at 2013 Constitutional Convention. Read more and see pics from the convention


>>View the full episode of the Bill Moyers show featuring President Velasquez! Watch here

>>Press Release: Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO Endorses Immigration Reform Compromise with Labor Protections for Farmworkers

 >>Reynolds Campaign Breakthrough! After four years of pressure, Reynolds has agreed to meet directly with FLOC.
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Recent Events


FLOC hosts AFL-CIO representatives, USW organizers and President of Farmworker Justice for Camp Solidarity visit


Community leaders and supporters of the immigration reform movement march through downtown Goldsboro, N.C.


Over 40 union leaders attend the 2013 Leadership Training In Monterrey, Mexico


NC Supporters tell Kangaroo to stand up for Human Rights

Local actions in N.C.


Northwest O.H. Immigration Forum

How local immigration policies are affecting families



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FLOC and Oxfam release groundbreaking human rights report

We are pleased to announce the release of our new report, "A state of fear: Human rights abuses in North Carolina’s tobacco industry," which details the human rights impact of the tobacco industry on North Carolina’s farmworkers

>Read the full report here

>Pictures from the launch rally

>Watch video clip from the launch rally

>Press Release

>Read reviews of the report




Rev. Dr. William Barber, II addresses FLOC delegates at National Convention




         We Are FLOC                    



Albino, 49, and Abel, 27, are making FLOC membership a tradition in their family--a tradition they take seriously. When Abel arrived in NC for the first time, the first thing he did when he arrived was sign a union card. Read more about their family and their leadership in FLOC.






Upcoming Events

 Monthly Kangaroo Action
Wednesday, December 18
3301 Guess Rd., Durham, N.C.
5:30 p.m.







FLOC in the News

>>Members of Parliament to help Velasquez in fight against tobacco giants


>>Visit with a Prophet


>>Workers in Ohio's Fields Seek Better Pesticide Protections


>>Pres. Velasquez Rallies Jobless Locals in Mexico


>>Pres. Velasquez Arrested During Moral Monday


>>Tomato Grower Shuts Down Citing Inability to Hire Enough Migrant Workers


>>Heat Danger Remains for Farm Workers after Hours, Study Finds


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The Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO (FLOC), is both a social movement and a labor union. Our immediate constituency is migrant workers in the agricultural industry, but we are also involved with immigrant workers, Latinos, our local communities, and national and international coalitions concerned with justice
The FLOC vision emphasizes human rights as the standard and self-determination as the process for achieving these rights. We struggle for justice for those who have been marginalized and exploited for the benefit of others and we work to change the structures of society to enable workers to have a direct voice in their own conditions.